Thursday, August 10, 2006


I lost the password

So if anyone had actually been to this blog of mine, they would have noticed that it has been very quiet. Well, that is because i lost the password. I finally got it back today. I will try and keep this more up to date than previous attempts at blogs. Anyway, i should be working. Today has been a really slow day, and all i can think is that i have made 2 document changes in about 6 hours. What have i done with my time today?

Thursday, April 20, 2006


i never thought i would do this

Today is the first day of my blog. But like many other things in my life that require discipline, this will probably get abadoned. so enjoy it while it lasts. I tried to keep a journal, some nutters told me it would be therapeutic or something. I kept the journal going for about three days and lost interest.

Anyway, today i get to go back home to P.E. (Port Elizabeth), graduating on Monday and the ppl here @ work were nice enough to let me take some leave to go get my goodies for all my hard studying. The hood this year is some really Star Trek looking thing. It is dark blue with a purple trim. The trim also has a white stripe in it and the reverse of the thing is silver. Hmmm, purple and silver, i am gonna look like Twinky Winky or whatever that purple telly tubbie's name is.

Got to go, go do some work, got in at 06:15 this morning so everyone would be okay with me leaving at 13:00 to catch my flight.

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